Becoming the Entrepreneur that Women Want

If women are attracted to entrepreneurs and leaders, how does someone like the engineer or programmer even get started?

Aside from making a move to leadership within your current organization, one of the best ways to escape your career as an engineer – moving up into a leadership role – is part-time, on the web, using an outsourcing tool like oDesk, Elance, or These sites allow you to risk a small amount of cash, outsourcing to a continent where labor is cheap. There will be communication difficulties that you’ll need to put up with – a tradeoff when seeking cheap labor – but it’s worth it if you can’t afford to spend much.

The nature of your entrepreneurial project is up to you; it should align with your other goals and resources. Internet projects like websites are great to start online – especially for programmers.

By working on your own projects, you will learn to address uncertainty, lead others, create plans, and execute on them. These abilities happen to be in short supply in men, and thus happen to be many what women want. Consider that the best antonym to the above abilities is follower. It has been well-known for centuries that women are looking for leaders, not followers. Women want to be led by a man with strong determination; someone who is not fickle, and whose plans do not bend with their whims.

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  1. professor great post, learned some new things about attracting women, will visit your blog again, thank you for sharing this information

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