Break the Rules to Appear Powerful

In a Science Daily article, Breaking Rules Makes You Seem Powerful, we learn how the outward signs of violating social norms and generally acting like you don’t care can make you appear more powerful. Smiling less, interrupting others, and putting your feet on the table were given as examples.

The man who is truly confident with his surroundings, social status, and situation is not overly concerned about appearances and pleasing others. He can get away with focusing less on social etiquette because of his position. Because he is powerful, he is fulfilled and does not need approval from others. The luxury of power creates the attitude that leads to these outward signs of power, and women are unconsciously attracted to them.

The takeaway for men is that being polite is not associated with power, so sometimes you might dial up the “real you” that gets expressed by losing some of your normal social consciousness. Don’t hold back and apologize to women for genuine expressions of yourself, and they will be attracted to this type of honesty (even if outwardly, they try to get you to apologize for being yourself). Build a strong reality for yourself, and let others conform to your world, rather than the other way around. Be self-aware, know what your values are, and let others conform to them rather than seeking to please.

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