Bring Her Into Your World

One of the keys to attracting women is having a strong sense of your direction in life. If you have developed your aspirations, and have a fulfilling present, she’ll notice your energy and enthusiasm – your passion for living. This is where the type of confidence that women seek comes from – a foundation of certainty that you’re living the life you want, and you know where you’re going with it. She’ll pick up on your air of certainty, and she’ll want to follow you. Leading her, rather than following, is essential to avoiding one of the basic fears of attractive women. Since we know that women love a confident leader, how does one become this?

First, separate the idea of political leader from leader of your own fate. Although plenty of women love politicians, it’s much easier (and probably more fulfilling) to just consciously take control of the direction in your own life. You must build a strong frame of mind (not arrogance) that comes from a combination of self-awareness and a sense of how the world really works. When you possess this level of certainty, your confidence will assist you with seducing her mind into your way of thinking, just as a good politician seduces the public with his passion and certainty of how to handle the people’s concerns.

A comedian once joked that when he’s poor, the women disappear. There’s a lot of truth to that; women are not looking for needy guys since there’s an excess of them. Therefore, seek to become fulfilled without women so that you genuinely do not need them. Challenge yourself and build a meaningful life that satisfies your needs as a man, and the women will come more naturally. This is not to say that you should be avoiding relationships with women in the meantime; rather, focus on improving aspects of your life outside of dating at the same time. Unfortunately, most needy men lack the vision to lift themselves out of a rut and into a virtuous cycle of success. Sometimes, all they need is the right mentor or friend to help motivate them to excel.

Confidence and leadership also come from real leadership roles. Leadership might come from starting your own project and recruiting others, or being captain of a sports team. You could host a local meetup (see around an activity of your interest. If you find yourself making excuses about no opportunities to lead, then your first challenge is to find that opportunity without succumbing to excuses.

Be active with a social life outside of your business. Be active in sports. Have a lot going on in your life, and she’ll pick up on this universally attractive signal – and you won’t have to fake it, since the real you will exude awesomeness. You’ll develop your character and maintain high energy by exposing yourself to different experiences and environments every day. Gradually, attractive women will notice that you have a sense of direction in the world (something that increasingly few men have in our age of changing values), and you will not just have an attractive woman, but you will be deeply fulfilled as a man.

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