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What do you say when approaching an attractive woman?

Quickly Qualify Using Assumptions

Society tells us that “labeling people is a bad thing.” Not in this case.

When you know what you want in your girl, you can make ideal assumptions about her that qualify her in a way that will actually attract her to you.

Assume she is the type of person you desire with the statements you make early in your first interaction with a new girl; for example, if she you are looking for a girl who likes the outdoors, say “you strike me as being the outdoors type.” If you’re right, she’ll be amazed at your insight into her personality; if not, you’ll have learned that she’s not all that great a fit for you (so far). Let your disinterest show, and she’ll be impressed with your strong frame; she may even try to alter her response to meet you. If she doesn’t, you’ve saved time for the next woman.

Say you’re at the grocery store, bookstore or coffee shop. Make an observation about her if possible, and try to tie it to what you’re looking for. Open up with “you seem like.” For example, “You seem like the kind of girl that loves a book and coffee” (assuming that this type of intellectual girl is the type you’re looking for), and when she says yes, you’ve made a quick connection. If she responds not so positively, then you’ve disqualified her and you can move on quickly once again.

The great thing about labeling as an opener is that it’s not generic; it says something about both you and her, quickly testing for as a possible match. This contrasts generic pickup routines and tricks that give off the “player vibe.” For best results, be situational with your labeling opener, tying her environment or context into your statement, so as not to be too “random.”