Flirting is the earliest stage of foreplay.

foreplay is a set of intimate psychological and physical acts between two or more people meant to create desire for sexual activity and sexual arousal – Wikipedia

The key phrase here is “create desire.” Flirting is about attraction, and it usually starts with eye contact.

Women love to flirt. It is one of the forms of foreplay that they have a more developed understanding of than men. Flirting is about being indirect and sending mixed messages. Touching, playful behavior, and teasing are great ways to flirt. It’s important that you learn to amuse yourself with flirting, and enjoy the process. If you are having fun with it, she’ll be much more likely to enjoy it.

The trick for intelligent men is that they have learned to be direct in a dry way; since they value clear communication and precision, they may not have developed their ability to be playful. We men need to learn to enjoy flirting like women do. Creating sexual tension with a beautiful young lady can be one of the most enjoyable parts of seduction, and you can find a lot of enjoyment at this important first stage of a relationship. Flirting does not even need to lead to anything physical; it can be part of the ongoing interactions you experience with beautiful women on a daily basis, enhancing the otherwise dry routines you go through.

Role-playing is a more advanced, powerful flirting technique. For example, you might act like you’re already in a relationship with her (even though you hardly know each other), making comments about the current state of affairs each time you see her. This is great when you know you’ll be seeing her on multiple occasions (for example, the girl at the front desk of your gym, etc). You can casually bring up the theme over time. Just make sure you have a smirk or sly grin while you’re doing this; you need to make sure she’s going along with it by playing her role and not taking your actions seriously. Once you call her up, this would be a good time to inject some of the same role-playing fun into the situation to re-create the earlier connection she experienced with you, warming her up over the phone so that she’s looking forward to your first time together.

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