Postgame Analysis of Your Date

Probably the most-neglected step in seduction is postgame analysis. Not only does this improve your overall success with women, but it helps you seduce the woman you were just with.

Here’s how it works: after the date, you journal how things went. There are two main points: what you learned about yourself, and what you learned about the girl.

Let’s cover the first: what you learned about yourself. This deals with how you acted vs. how you should have acted in situations that come up. It’s important to write down how you should have acted because the process of connecting with the moment now (while it’s still fresh in mind) and in the future will give you the crucial material to visualize making the right moves, just as an athlete does to gain peak performance.

Next, you’re recording what you learned about the girl. Record specifics about the girl, including anything that created or has the potential to create an emotional connection like small jokes that you can come back to later. You should have learned about some of her fears and desires; write these down shortly after the date, or you will likely forget some of them.

The more you can remember about her, the better you can connect with her next time. It will be almost like you always knew her when you can casually reference or joke about so many small things you know about her.

To make sure you get the most out of the previous date, be sure to elicit information from her by making and stating assumptions about her in a way that she’ll want to confirm or deny them; for example, “you seem to have a dangerous side to you” (of course, most people will – but your goal in asking this question is to see how she responds to learn just how dangerous she is).

Details like her birthday, favorite bands, ticklish spots, etc. can all be easily forgotten with time. If you’re going to be seeing this lady more than once, this information will become more valuable with time when she is surprised to learn that you remember it.

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