Why You Are Here

Enjoying the presence of beautiful women is a major part of a fulfilled man’s lifestyle, and attraction is closely related to this enjoyment. The more control we have over the ability to create attraction with the type of women we desire, the more we can enjoy the experience.

It’s amazing how distracted we can become from what matters to enjoying life; we become engulfed in our careers, forgetting what motivated us to excel in the first place.  Over time we become absorbed in routine activities, unaware of the true reasons we pursue them. Could it even be possible that the underlying motivation for so much of what you do – maybe on an entirely subconscious level – comes from a need to attract the love and attention of women?

You’re here because you recognize it’s possible to improve your ability to attract women. You may be looking for surface-level techniques, but are probably even more interested in fundamentally improving yourself in a way that will indirectly lead to the increased attention and admiration of females. Maybe you’ve already discovered that in the process of learning to attract women, you are often improving yourself in a more fundamental way when you seek some of these positive changes that happen to correlate with increased attraction – changes that benefit you in other areas of your life.

You do not want your life to become engulfed by the process of attracting women, but you know that to be fulfilled, you are going to need a beautiful woman by your side. You might be at the point where you are seeking the attention of many different women – a more experimental phase where you’d like to learn about yourself, and about them.

In this online guide, you’ll find a relatively unique perspective that focuses on living an entrepreneurial life in pursuit of maximizing your life satisfaction.

Your author, a.k.a. “the professor”, is interested in sharing with you the secrets of attracting women that he’s learned through his own journey. Like you probably have already, he made a commitment to succeed with women. And, with no product to pitch, you can be sure that your author’s views are at least without too much bias. You’re here because you want to learn how an intelligent man like yourself can attract women. Enjoy the ride.

One thought on “Why You Are Here”

  1. so true, when I wasn’t sure what to do with a woman or how to attract her, especially when she would reject me, I would feel impotent, no matter how much money or health i had, I always had a void.
    Thanks again

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