Your Social Network

Your social network is not about meeting women as much as it is about building yourself into the type of man that attracts women naturally through enjoying life with other men, having a life outside of dating and women, and creating social value and social proof that women will notice.

The friends and family we spend time with likely influence our thoughts – an in turn, our behavior – a lot more than many of us are willing to admit. The good news is that, to a large extent, we can change who we surround ourselves with over time, and in turn determine the type of social conditioning we receive (the type that makes us more naturally attractive to women). Visualize the ideal you, and the values and character that you possess in the future. What types of people will help you develop that? This is not to suggest you suddenly exclude everyone from your current social group. It is simply to make you aware of the people that surround you, and become aware of some people that may be bringing you down or holding you back from your potential in life as well as success with women.

In addition to the benefits of positive social conditioning that carefully-selected friends bring to you, women will recognize who you surround yourself with, and judge you accordingly. We cannot change the ways that women will make superficial judgments about us, but we can determine how they will perceive us through our selection of friends. Most of us learned this in middle-school or earlier; what we did not learn is just how much our selection of friends directly influences our ability to succeed with women and in life.

For a Deeper Understanding

Study conformity – and learn just how much your peers determine who you become, and how you behave. Read Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion (Cialdini) – and become more persuasive, while recognizing when others are trying to manipulate you.

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